Beanca Camille Serdena

Beanca Camille Serdena

BSc Computer Science Graduate

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Hi, I'm Beanca Camille Serdena and I recently graduated from Middlesex University, London.

I previously studied BS in Applied Mathematics with Information Technology for 2 years in Far Eastern University, Philippines. I had no prior coding experience but as I learned more about programming, I discovered my passion for it.

Over 6 years ago, I moved to the UK and decided to continue my studies but due to the differences in education standards, I had to start all over. The process of getting into a university was challenging at first but I persevered and here I am now, I finally got my degree. The journey might have been long but it was worth it. I believe that learning is fun and it never ends.

When I'm not coding or learning, I'm usually reading novels or manga, watching anime, or playing games on my pc, phone, or switch. I love mystery and action genre and I prefer role-playing games.

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